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    What is AI Art?

    Creativity is not only for humans. AI-generated artwork has captured the eyes and minds of the public and traditional collectors alike. 

    As artificial intelligence touches on more areas of our daily lives, what it means to be human and what unique traits we identify with our humanity evolves too. In the world of creativity and art - something we thought of as a purely human experience - we see that artificial intelligence also can play a unique and emerging role.  


    The AI Art Renaissance

    A cornerstone event of the AI Art movement occurred in 2018 when the auction house Christies put the first AI artwork under the hammer. The artwork titled 'Edmond de Belamy' sold for $432,500 USD - over 40 times its original estimate of $10 000. This was the first of its kind in the art world and showed the immense interest in the emerging world of artificially intelligent artworks. 

    Edmond De Belamy, from La Famille de Belamy, photo © CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2018


    How is AI Art created?

    AI technology has been rapidly evolving since 2018. As such the tools that we use at AIAD are now able to go beyond those that were used to create Edmond De Belamy

    The artworks displayed on AIAD are created by the same type of artificial intelligence technology called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN).

    GANs are the closest technology we have to a 'real' artist or artwork. The technology involves providing the AI model with huge datasets of artworks which are processed and reimagined into a single output artwork. We utilise a dataset that contains some of the greatest artists and artworks across genres and generations.

    Essentially this means that the AI is able to interpret the full history of artworks and is influenced by all the styles, strokes and expressions of the human artists that it is provided. 


    Faltering Youth, AIAD © AI Art Dealer 2021

    Art for the people

    For centuries art has been an exclusive world in which trends were dictated by those in power. This meant that a significant group of people and their tastes simply were not recognised.

    AI Art has the power to democratise this centralised world of art ownership and collecting which previously only considered a wealthy few. 

    With AI art, individuals are able to own, collect and share their very own beloved piece of art. With the use of technology, we are able to create incredibly unique and beautiful artworks that can be limited to 1 of 1, specific to the tastes of each individual. We want to enable access to the world of art to everyone. Allowing people to be collectors and curators in their own right. 

    One of a Kind

    Each artwork is limited to only one print and is sold out. You are exclusive owner of the digital and physical artwork

    Museum Quality Art

    We print and frame all artworks. We use museum-grade canvas with archival ink and stretch onto a floating black wooden frame.

    Support and Delivery

    We are here for all enquiries and support. We offer FREE worldwide delivery for all artworks.